Credits: Fabelfjord

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my render options?

In order to decrease your rendering time, Qarnot Render gives you the possibility to override the render options of your blend file. You don't need to upload a new file each time you want to change an option.

For example you can change the sample count (cycles), choose your output resolution, the number of frames to render... directly through your Qarnot Render environment.

How can I use external files (textures,...)?

It may be interesting for you to define your textures as external files. Your blend file will be lighter and so will be your upload time between your updates. A commonly issued situation is related to packing problems. We suggest you to follow these guidelines:

- Open your file with blender (a copy, stay safe ;))

- In your Qarnot Render explorer you should have:

Warning it is important that all the relative paths used in your blend file are the same on both your computer and your Qarnot Render project.

Why should I use the compress option when I save my blend file?

This option will decrease your uploading time on the Qarnot Render rendering service.
You will also be more efficient in the rendering process by using external texture files.

What kind of processors do you use?

Most of our processors are Intel Core i7 with 4 cores / 8 threads 4GHz 16GB RAM. When a processor frequency is regulated for thermal reasons, the amount invoiced is proportional (e.g. a processor throttled 50% speed is invoiced €0.125/h).

Do you offer a storage service?

By default, your account comes with 10GB of storage for your projects. Get in touch with us if you are interested in complementary storage services.

You can drag and drop your files directly on our service or use any S3 compatible software to manage your resources and results, like :

On Windows:

On Linux:

On Mac OS:

When connecting to our storage service you should use your email as the Access Key ID, and your token (available on as the Secret Access Key, don't forget to set "" as the REST Endpoint, and to use SSL.

For s3cmd, update .s3cfg file host_base= and host_bucket = %(bucket)

How is security performed on your platform? Will my files remain private?

Qarnot Render integrates state-of- the-art security modules for encryption and authentication to propose an end-to- end protection of our data: confidentiality, performance and insulation are granted.

What does 'best effort' rendering mean?

Best effort computing means we designed our distributing platform, the Q.ware, to ensure maximum performance to all users. The resources available for a given task may vary throughout the day, meaning that a rendering job may be queued if all processors are used, and upon availability, as many resources as possible will be attributed to your task. But we designed the program to maximize performance and optimize waiting time for everyone.

What 3D software solutions are you compatible with?

We provide off-the-shelf rendering for Blender; Please get in touch if you are using the following applications : V-Ray, Guerilla, Renderman...

How much support am I entitled to?

E-mail support is available to all our clients and accessible via the ‘Qarnot console’.


What is included in the basic price?

Pay-as- you-go €0.25 per CPU/h.
Billing per second.
No storage & network fees.

Can I combine packs and monthly billing?


If you do so, the invoice by the end of the month will only charge credits used beyond pre- paid credits. So you can both get both bonuses from prepaid packs and discount on the credits beyond through monthly billing. E.g. : if you buy a €100 prepaid pack, you get €110 of credits with the 10% bonus. If during the month, you consume for €250 of credits, you’ll be invoiced of €126, i.e. the €140 due credits minus the 10% discount.

Can I pay in €, $ or £?

Billing is issued directly in Euros.

Are taxes included in your price? What country does it apply to?

Our prices do not include VAT. VAT is applicable for EU-based customers (without VAT number) and French based companies (with VAT number).

What happens if I cancel my rendering or when there is a credits shortage ?

If you cancel your rendering, you have to pay for used credits.

If you use prepaid packs and you get short of credits, you get an alert in order to refill your account. Making sure that you have enough credit to complete your computations is upon your responsibility. This won’t happen if you opted for monthly billing.