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“Qarnot’s excellent service and support made a great
contribution to the production at a crucial stage”

Merete Korsberg, Fabelfjord

“I like the innovative decentralized concept.
Easy to use and competitive”

Thomas Walentin, Freelance 3D Artist

“With Qarnot, I broke down the rendering times of my
projects from one night to a few minutes or hours”

Olivier Amrein, 3D Freelance Artist

“We recommend Qarnot's rendering services
to every animation studio”

Julien Bagnol, Supamonks Studio

“Thanks to Qarnot computing,
glaciers will melt slower!”

Virginie Guilminot, Les Fees Speciales

Simply Render

Qarnot Render is a fully-featured render farm.
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Simply Render

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Simple interface

Designed for CG artists, Q | Render provides a user-friendly interface to easily monitor your tasks and manage your resources.

Navigate through your files and preview your .blend files with an awesome snapshot of your viewport.

High performance

Your renderings run on an infrastructure of 5000+ cores based on high end 4GHz / 4 cores compute nodes.

Scale your render times to your needs with automatic frames splitting and recombination.

Storage included

Upload your files to our storage cluster and get a FREE 10GB default storage. You can easily extend this storage capacity if needed.

Use any of your AWS S3 compatible client to manage your assets and scenes.

Supported Software



If you’re interested in using Qarnot with Renderman or Guerilla, send us an e-mail at

Credits: Fabelfjord

They trust us


Flexible Pricing

Low base price

Starting at €0.25 per hour for high-end CPUs (4x4GHz), we provide progressive bonuses and discounts

Per-second billing

Only pay for what you use: All render tasks are invoiced by the second of effective computation, you pay exactly what you consume!

Fit to your needs

Choose between prepaid packs and monthly invoice (or both!). Change when you want: our offers are non-binding.

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Credits: Thomas Walentin

They trust us


Your renderings heat homes

What’s so special about Qarnot ?

Qarnot offers a cloud computing service through a fully distributed infrastructure where computing power is no longer deployed in concentrated data centers, but split throughout the city in the form of heaters.

Qarnot’s Q.rads embed microprocessors as a heat source. The heat produced by the processors used for your renderings provides free and efficient heating for residential buildings and offices.

The 9-minutes animated movie Dunder ("Best Animated film" and "Best Children's film" at international festivals in Norway, India and Russia) created by Fabelfjord, entirely rendered with Qarnot, provided heating for 24 people during 3 months!

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